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Bescor Batteries & Lights

Heavy Duty 4 Pouch Belts
12 Volt Starved Electrolyte


2 Amp Quick Charger
Model BCQ-12    $62
2 Amp 12V Automatic Shut Off Charger
Made specifically with our larger battery belts in mind. Charge the PRB-24 in only 12 hours

All 4 pouch battery belts contain an auto
reset circuit breaker. All belts are designed
with our one piece tubular belt backing which helps distribute weight along the entire waist. Comfort and durability in a flexible package.
The webbed belt fits from a 28 to 50 inch
. The belt is 2" wide and uses a quick
release buckle. Call to order any battery without
a charger,
just add "NC" to the end of a part number and deduct the price of the charger.
Example - PRB24 $208 & PRB24NC $189
includes standard charger
Charge Time
Run Times
@100w        @50w        @10w
4" x 26" x 1.3"
11 lbs.
14.4 amp hours
16 hours
1.4 hrs.
3 hrs.
18+ hrs.
4" x 26" x 2"
18 lbs.
24 amp hours
26 hours
2.4 hrs.
5 hrs.
30+ hrs.
4 Pin XLR Information
  XLR models include a 6'   cable of 14 gauge superflex   wire with a XLR power
  connector. Custom lengths
  are available; contact   customer service for info

   Belt Packs
These units include the auto matic shut off charger ATM-PRB

Model BC-1000
1 amp standard charger for
& PRB-24.
1 Amp 12V
Automatic Shut Off Charger
12 Volt Battery Tester
Model PT-104       $15
Digital Readout that has a green back lighting, LED range indicator. Swivel display head. Accurate to within 1/10 volt. See Y-21 on page 9 to hook up tester inline with your 12 volt battery

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